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mystery twins headcanons yo


  1. dipper knows exactly what mabel’s favorite movies are in what order she favorites them and she doesn’t actually own a few of them so dipper orders them online for her and gives them to her for their 13th birthday
  2. mabel knows who dipper’s two favorite authors are and gets every book by them that he doesn’t already own for their 13th birthday
  3. they both have slight asthma but haven’t had any attacks in years and they both think that the other has gotten rid of their inhalers bc of supposedly not needing them anymore but dipper keeps his in case mabel ever needs it and mabel keeps hers in case dipper ever needs it
  4. mabel has her own OCs and tells dipper about them all the time and dipper even ends up making a few of his own because of her
  5. mabel named each point on dipper’s birthmark 
  6. when dipper finally becomes taller than mabel, mabel and grunkle stan and wendy and soos call him the big dipper
  7. for their fifteenth birthday, mabel makes a little booklet of reasons why dipper is awesome and dipper almost cries and then when he reads the last page and it says “reason #50: you cry when you get happy and that’s super manly” he just loses his shit and tackles her in a hug 
  8. they have matching hoodies that say “PINES” on the backs of them and they wear them shamelessly on the same days even in high school
  9. in ninth grade during the first week of school, mabel is getting made fun of and snickered about because of her odd way of dressing and is more bothered by it than she lets on but dipper catches it and goes to school with her one day dressed in a similar fashion as her and tells off anyone who tries to shit talk them
  10. after that, mabel makes a sweater that says “dipper is awesome” in honor of his defending her and wears it as much as possible

y’all talk about being hurt by some story in a book or movie

but y’all haven’t seen the brothers bloom


listen, son. your dumb night light just makes it easier for the monsters to find you

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older mabel/pacifica. first date maybe? who is to say


older mabel/pacifica. first date maybe? who is to say

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England and Canada love to use America as their scapegoat to hide all the terrible racism happening in their countries

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life is meaningless and entropy is inevitable, but in the meantime we’re gonna tell each other some fucking great stories

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welcome to the weslyn home for magical rehabilitation….

patient 08410 - malachy foster-  charges of criminalized witchcraft

patient 06050 - vita boone - charges of unlawful use of divination

patient 01520 - breccan alvear - charges of necromancy and unlawful possession

patient 09560 - pike ozias - charges of demon solicitation

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If the Winter Soldier was responsible for the Kennedy assassination and Magneto tried to STOP the Kennedy assassination then that must mean somehow Magneto lost a fight to a guy wITH AN ENTirE ARm MADE OF METAL

And it’s the same Marvel universe…

maybe Magneto did what a disappointingly large chuck of the fandom still doesn’t do and


respected Bucky’s bodily autonomy

tbh i find this very interesting because magneto is a jewish man and a survivor of the holocaust. it is very explicitly mentioned that he was experimented on because of his mutant powers. i am very sure magneto has complete sympathy for bucky, who while not a mutant, was kidnapped, tortured, experimented on, and forced to do hydra’s bidding.

and hydra’s a nazi organization so ya know, there’s that too


do you ever share a tumblr joke with your mom only you need to like, cut the curse words and complete the sentences and by the time you do that it’s a completely different syntactical structure and possibly a separate language 

I’ve noticed that my mom is completely flummoxed by jokes that exist only in predicate—eg., “when you put a spoon under the tap and it does the thing”

like she’ll just sit there waiting for the rest of the sentence

and it’s interesting because jokes like that are generally paired with reaction pics or gifs, but now it’s not always necessary because just the structure of the sentence—like a stand-up snapshot—triggers the association, and the ambiance of universal camaraderie cultivated therein.  

but like my mom doesn’t even understand reaction images and having to explain the whole concept actually forced me to think about how memes function linguistically and culturally in the first place—“the image represents you, and your reaction.” “to the post?” “no, to the situation described by the post.”—and I think it’s actually a complex system of representation that is only able to function in the networked culture of instant symbolic formation and self-reflexivity 

idk that’s fuckin cool shit 

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