Ellen Page and Clea DuVall Out and About, June 28th 2011


Ellen Page and Clea DuVall Out and About, June 28th 2011

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thelamegoat ASKED: Do you have any recommendations for literature featuring angels?


Alright, so, I’ll assume you’re familiar with the biblical accounts of angels, e.g. Daniel 8, 102 Peter 2, Jude 1, Revelation 4, 1419; Luke 12; Acts 10, 12, &c. For Islamic depictions of angels see the Qur’an verses here and here

biblical / orthodox

subversions & transformations

comedy & satire

Anonymous ASKED: I'm just curious but what kind of moral dilemmas about teenagers becoming superheroes?


ok I could just post a series of panels from a death in the family, but I guess I’ll go into more detail because I’m nice like that.

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And aside from my issues with the story in an actual story telling sense, in that Thor is not a legacy or a title in the sense of Captain America or Hawkeye or even Iron Man and therefore, no one can be Thor but Thor, what I really dislike about this move from Marvel is that it’s in no way progressive.

They’ve rather handily come up with a gimmick that allows them to release a lot of big press about being progressive, pat themselves on the back about being progressive, without actually having to commit to being progressive in terms of their representation of women and their support of their female characters.

This replacement Thor has an expiration date.

She’s not going to be around now permanently. Thunderstrike didn’t last forever, and while he has a few devoted fans, it’s gone down as one of those Thor story arcs everyone likes to forget about. Actual Thor Odinson has been an integral part of the Marvel universe since his creation. They can’t get rid of him. 

He is going to get Mjolnir and his powers back. And when that happens, it’s goodbye replacement Thor.

She has a built in device that allows them to return to the status quo.

Along with that, they are literally taking a woman, stripping her of her identity, giving her a man’s name and a man’s powers to borrow. She has no powers of her own. 

Please explain to me how that is in any way creating a new female superhero. 

They’ve tried to insist that she’s not just a female knock off of a male superhero, but she literally has the male superhero’s name and powers that were taken from him as a punishment and given to her.

Marvel has a lot of female characters that they flat out just do not promote or ignore who are amazing in their own right, with their own powers, with their own identity.

If they were actually committed to building and rallying behind amazing women and to really represent us, they would actually market the hell out of those characters. They would have went on the View and hyped Ms. Marvel and how Kamala Khan is showing what it’s like to be a teenage Muslim girl in America while struggling with superhero identity. They would have promoted Storm’s solo book that is finally being released. They would actually have America Chavez IN A FUCKING BOOK as opposed to floating in the ether somewhere. 

They would push and push and push these female characters and put amazing creative teams behind them and actually stick with them. 

But they don’t. They cancelled female lead Journey into Mystery and Fearless Defenders, and Fearless Defenders featured a racially diverse cast with canon bisexual and lesbian characters. And while I am still hunting for the post I saw to corroborate the numbers, apparently JiM’s sales were comparable with Remender’s Captain America book. One was written by a woman starring a woman. One was written by a white guy starring a white guy. JiM’s reviews are universally better than Captain America’s. JiM was cancelled. Captain America was not. In fact, they’ve handed over even more books to Remender.


How progressive.

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Lichens are fungi that have discovered agriculture.

 - lichenologist Trevor Goward (via newagenaturalist)
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MD Lab: Hello, yes, is the CDC 

CDC: Uh, yes. 

MD Lab: Listen, I don’t want to alarm you, but we found some small pox this morning. 

CDC: Wait— wait what? You found smallpox. Like a person infected with smallpox? How and what. 

MD Lab: No, no, no. Not a person. Just a vial of it. Well, Carl found it. Erm, a few vials. Multiple vials of smallpox are in play here. 

CDC: I’m trying to get past the “found” smallpox here. How do you “find an eradicated disease 

MD Lab: Yes, Carl found it. He was cleaning out an old storage room and he discovered a literal box of smallpox. We assume it’s been there for a while. Honestly, I didn’t even know that room existed until we found it while moving some cabinets the other wee— 

CDC: Is the threat contained? Did Carl follow your lab’s procedure on discovering potentially hazardous material? 

MD Lab: Erm. He sorta just…chucked it onto my desk. But it didn’t break! 

CDC: You’re telling me a lab worker threw a box of smallpox at you. 

Carl? What? No, he’s Bill in accounts’ son. He’s been cleaning here all summer

CDC: ….ffs. Who runs this lab 

MD Lab: …uhhhh, the FDA. 

I actually work for one of those agencies and got a reassuring email from the Commissioner this morning. It was an FDA lab inside an NIH facility, and the CDC cleared everybody, no contamination risk and it’s all locked up again!

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oxidoreductase ASKED: I've had male friends in engineering/computing sciences tell me tell me that I went into biology because it's the "softest" science and that I couldn't do what they do.





Its sad that this kind of attitude is still so prevalent. The concept of a field of science as more manly or that could be only done by a man needs to be destroyed. Gender roles make me upset. :(

I try my best not to think like this, but I’ll admit this mindset slips through once in a while. I try not to think like this because it happens in almost every STEM field.

I’ve even considered switching to pure physics instead of going for an astrophysics undergrad degree because I’ve had male colleagues tell me astro is popular among women for being the easiest physics. Screw that.

I just ignore that mindset and remember that “easiness” is subjective, and while there are “hard” and “soft” sciences and even though I’m considered to be in a “hard” science I can’t for the life of me remember biological concepts.

I hate the way that a lot of people dismiss biology as a “soft science,” which I think is at least partially because there are a lot of women in biology. Like women end up there because it is somehow easier than other fields, which is ridiculous, it’s just different than other fields. Because the all the various STEM fields are different from one another and use different methodologies. 

I tend to think that more women end up in the life sciences because there are more women in them. A lot of women gravitate towards fields where we feel safe, and I think that a component of that is having a substantial number of other women available as mentors and colleagues. Which is not to say that the life sciences are exempt from misogynist shitfuckery, because there is still plenty of that around, but its easier being a woman in a class with a substantial number of other women, rather than being in a class with only a few other women. So if you have any interest at all in bio you end up there out of sheer self preservation. Or at least that’s been my experience as a woman in both chemistry and biology.

I read somewhere (so feel free to question what follows) that (many) women want to pursue a career where they feel like they are helping or contributing to something. Which means they want a career where they are either directly working with people or where what they do will have an impact on people’s lives. Biology, more so than physics/chem/geosciences, allows for those career paths.

Also, the field of “biology” is so wide-ranging, that a basic undergrad degree preps for almost any grad degree program. There are way more options with biology - especially options that people know about - than there are with other fields. If anything, the other fields have a PR problem because when we imagine physicists and chemists, we imagine them exclusively working in labs doing esoteric work. People who pursue biology understand that there is a huge range in lab/field/in between work. It is easier to envision what a biologist does/can do and what they research.

In that regard, biology is more accessible, which is probably why bio programs at university are often so much larger than the rest of the science department. 

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Scale of Infectious Dosedef: the AMOUNT of pathogen (ie NUMBER of organisms) required for cause infection in a host.


Scale of Infectious Dose
def: the AMOUNT of pathogen (ie NUMBER of organisms) required for cause infection in a host.

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-Does my family know what happened to me? I don’t want them to see me like this.

-No, I promise they won’t.

-Until I’m fixed.

-Until you’re fixed.

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