love is like…when you look at someone and you feel like you just ate two whole cinnabons and you might die but you’re ok with that because you just ate two entire cinnabons 

there is an animorphs joke somewhere in here

There’s only one way to deal with fear: Be afraid. Be afraid, and then go ahead and do what you have to do, anyway.


Tobias, Megamorphs #1: The Andalite’s Gift

casual reminder that Tobias endured years of abuse, neglect, and bullying before he ever became an Animorph

he didn’t learn this from the Yeerks

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I’m still an Animorphs stan if anyone was wondering. Like I could give a college lecture about it.


Tobias falls for jake’s reckless heroics and then meets rachel and is like whoa

ahahahaha BASICALLY.

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  • uh more on that animorphs/capfam au:

    after steve’s mom dies, he goes to live with bucky’s family. he’s the same age as bucky but a grade behind, cause he’s sick all the time, ya know? steve’s a tiny, mouthy little asshole and bucky is still a suave motherfucker constantly getting him out of trouble. steve is only sometimes grateful. 

    bucky starts going to the sharing because of a cute girl. he asks (nags) steve to go with him in the beginning, but steve feels like a third wheel each time and stops going. it’s only when bucky becomes a controller does he ever stop asking steve to come along.

    meanwhile, sam’s a transfer student. he lost his best friend riley in a car wreck and his parents move to a new town hoping it will help with sam’s depression (it doesn’t). it’s not until sam morphs a falcon and starts flying that the weight of riley’s death eases up any. he begins morphing every time he thinks of riley (which is all the time) and eventually decides to just stay in morph. he consciously decides to become a nothlit.

    sam gets listed as a missing child and it is a very long time before sam really understands what he has done.


    "Give me liberty or give me death." A human named Patrick Henry said that. I wonder if the Yeerks knew before they came to conquer Earth that humans said things like that. I wonder if the Yeerks knew what they were getting into.

    These didn’t come out as well as I hoped, but I had hella trouble casting and getting decent footage so I’m calling it a night. I’ve missed making Animorphs stuff.

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  • ok but has anyone talked about a capfam animorphs au? because i want to talk about one

    steve as jake, bucky as tom/a controller, nat as rachel, and sam as a falcon nothlit

    i mean really the parallel between a yeerk controller and the winter soldier makes me want to scream. 

    also consider: the sharing as HYDRA, andalites as SHIELD

    also the morphing power as a sort of supersolider serum. one that turns scrawny steve into a strong, intimidating creature. steve watching as natasha turns into a ruthless fighting machine and fearing losing her over it. sam losing riley and deciding to become a nothlit



“Oh, I'm sure we could talk them into letting us in for nothing," Marco said. "Just tell them we're Animorphs.""Tell them we're what?" Rachel asked."Idiot teenagers with a death wish," Marco said."Animorphs." I tried the word out. It sounded okay.” 


    “Oh, I'm sure we could talk them into letting us in for nothing," Marco said. "Just tell them we're Animorphs."
    "Tell them we're what?" Rachel asked.
    "Idiot teenagers with a death wish," Marco said.
    "Animorphs." I tried the word out. It sounded okay.”