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m and i first bonded and became friends forever ago over a mutual fondness of old wener herzog movies and an obsession w/ songs that use the “be my baby” drumbeat. at one point we had compiled a full 12 CD set of every song we had ever heard that used it but neither of us can find it, so here’s a CD of a few of our favorites where it’s present in some capacity. yea

  1. Be My Baby – the Ronettes
  2. Just Like Honey – the Jesus and Mary Chain
  3. Candy – the Magnetic Fields
  4. In the Gold Dust Rush – Cocteau Twins
  5. She Cried – Rowland S. Howard
  6. This Angry Silence – Television Personalities
  7. Big Pink Cake – Razorcuts
  8. Just a Dream – Talulah Gosh
  9. Perfect World – the Proctors
  10. Avant Garde Music – Ballboy
  11. You Hurt Me Too – the Hit Parade
  12. Sun Shining Down – the Honeydrips
  13. Eighties Fan – Camera Obscura
  14. Why I Try to Look so Bad – Comet Gain
  15. You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve – Johnny Boy
  16. Lovers Lane – Hunx and his Punx
  17. Ha Ha Man – Guided by Voices
  18. Hope then Strife – the Go Betweens
  19. I’m Just a Prisoner – Candi Station
  20. All Mixed Up – the Cars
  21. Ghost Mouth – Girls
  22. Machine Age Dancing – FOUND
  23. Rain Down – Lotus Plaza
  24. In a Funny Way – Mercury Rev
  25. An Ugly Death – Jay Reatard
  26. I Walked with a Zombie – Rocky Erikson
  27. Teengenerate – the Dictators
  28. Noah’s Ark – Brighter
  29. The Weight of the Stars – Hefner
  30. Comb your Hair – the Boo Radleys
  31. Happy all the Time – the Flatmates
  32. Apple Boutique – Felt
  33. Higher Power – Jens Lekman
  34. Vox Humana – Deerhunter
  35. My Angel Lonely – Wild Nothing
  36. Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys 

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Okay, so everyone seems to be hailing Lily Allen’s new song as a feminist anthem and if you wanna do that then that’s cool whatever it’s not for me to decide. But if you want a feminist song/video tackling misogyny and racism then you should definitely watch and listen to That’s Alright by Laura Mvula. Not only is it a good, catchy, singalong song that tells you it’s okay to be who you are, but the video itself demonstrates how black people in the media and entertainment industries are used as props, simple entertainment for white people. 

I especially like when she gets to the chorus and she’s singing “Who made you the centre of the universe?” at the all-white audience. A really brilliant yet underrated song and video.


This is my jam!



So did those people let you down? What did you think that they would say? Did you expect them not to believe you? Not to hurt you or deceive you? In a world were we’re taught; you gotta get before you’re got, there is writing in the sky, dark whispers in the night