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  • more media creators need to be like gene roddenberry

    which is to say, they need to deliberately and thoughtfully include more characters of diverse backgrounds in their stories

    and also, more spaceships 


    Eventually the 20th Century History class at Starfleet Academy stops being a fringey elective and becomes a required course, and all the cadets are like “this is so irrelevant, why do we have to learn this” and anyone who’s been around for a while is like “there is an 812% chance that you will time travel to the 20th century during your Starfleet career”

    "but the temporal prime directive" 

    "At the very least you will get trapped a holodeck program based on the 20th century, and you will need to know all these weird idioms"

    "But why is it only the 20th - "

    "We don’t know why it’s only the 20th century we have a whole corps of scientists trying to figure out what’s happening with that it seriously makes no sense but in the meantime, knowing how to work a combustion engine is pretty much guaranteed to save your life so get the hell on that."



    Come on, Nog, tell me. Why is it so damned important for you to get into Starfleet?

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    But you know what’s really interesting about this?

    Nog is completely right at this point in the series.

    But then we get to see Rom’s confidence in himself grow. We see him take on more responsibility within the bar. We see him lead the workers to unionize. We eventually see him leave the bar and join the Maintenance Crew. He gets promoted. He does good work. He comes up with the idea of the minefield. He risks his life to stop it from being disabled. Finally, Rom is the one who succeeds Zek and becomes Grand Nagus.

    Nog doesn’t want to end up like his father, but he doesn’t realize how much his father is going to end up like him.

    “I got a fan letter from a young lady. It was a suicide note.

    So I called her, and I said, “Hey, this is Jimmy Doohan. Scotty, from Star Trek.” I said, “I’m doing a convention in Indianapolis. I wanna see you there.”

    I saw her — boy, I’m telling you, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was definitely suicide. Somebody had to help her, somehow. And obviously she wasn’t going to the right people.

    I said to her, “I’m doing a convention two weeks from now in St. Louis.” And two weeks from then, in somewhere else, you know? She also came to New York - she was able to afford to got to these places. That went on for two or three years, maybe eighteen times. And all I did was talk positive things to her.

    And then all of the sudden — nothing. I didn’t hear anything. I had no idea what had happened to her because I never really saved her address.

    Eight years later, I get a letter saying, “I do want to thank you so much for what you did for me, because I just got my Master’s degree in electronic engineering.”

    That’s…to me, the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”



    if i can’t join starfleet because it doesn’t exist i’m gonna have to FOUND starfleet and then we all can join


    ok I know this is a rally for a *serious* school of education but I would like you all to consider this: Starfleet Academy, where you can take classes in “advanced australian slang,” or “bungled spying.” 

    all classes I am sure would be essential to excelling as a cadet and officer in the 24th century


    Kirk speaks so much truth alla time omg why can’t reboot be more like this








    So yeah remember that one post I made ages ago about wanting to debunk the pop culture Spock and Kirk myths? Well, here’s part two of that segment.

    Thanks to greenscrewdriver and itreallyisthelittlethings for checks and added ideas.