When the show Stargate SG1 ended, the Stargate was dismantled and thrown away in a dumpster on the lot. John Rogers, creator/writer/director/producer of Leverage, was shocked and dismayed to discover its final resting place. Not one to let such travesties pass, he rescued the Stargate pieces from the dumpster and kept them. Later, in an episode of Leverage, the season 4 finale, The Last Dam Job, he made use of the pieces, by sticking them up on several walls as pieces of art in a vault of someone’s prized possessions.

The Stargate lives on and is well loved.

He’s my new hero!

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There’s a missing link here somewhere. #teenwolf #sg1 #sdcc @iamchrisjudge

There’s a missing link here somewhere. #teenwolf #sg1 #sdcc @iamchrisjudge

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Smarter than he wants you to think is that O’Neill…


Teal’c’s face tho

I really like when they showed how smart Jack is…

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how many episodes was that character in, you ask???

not as many as they deserve

not enough to satisfy me

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A Haiku written by Col. Jack O’Neill:

Daniel don’t touch that
Daniel alien tech is-

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